30 December 2008

Two New Books

There is this very funny and wise description of Andy Riverbed's Damaged here. It's in the sidebar (what a cool idea!). 

Damaged is now out! Get to the Coatlism Bookstore on litchaos.com and order your copy. 

Also, litchaos.com editor Monty Johnson (aka the King of Depravity, aka Moctezuma, aka MJ) has self-published his book The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends. So check it out: buy one or send him an email and ask to review it (you'll get a complimetary copy, yeah!) 

24 November 2008

Ralph-Michael Chiaia reviews Dancing on Thin Ice by George Anderson.

14 November 2008

Ra Gabriel for President

Ra Gabriel for President! Well he didn't quite make it, but he did interview Andy Riverbed. See next post for links and more info. On the right you'll see one of the drawings from Damaged -- Riverbed's new book, now available for pre-order from the Coatlism Bookstore (http://coatlism.litchaos.com/)

Michael Frissore wrote a great review about Bill Maher.

Also, another great piece by Aimee DeLong from Yellow Mama.

Norman Ball suggested a poster with every contributor's name on it for next issue. Anybody want to make a cool poster for it? If so, send us an email at submit.k.os (at) gmail.com and make your best pitch.

Also, don't forget about the Audio and Print Issue Submissions to the same address as above. We've received some very interesting stuff so far. Keep it coming.

11 November 2008

Andy Riverbed reads some Ra!

Check out Andy Riverbed reading translations of Ra Gabriel's poetry (Spanish and English). Also, don't forget to click the newest issue of litchaos.com where you'll find an interview with Ra and Andy. You can pre-order Damaged, Riverbed's book, at the Coatlism Bookstore.

30 October 2008

What's on the stove?

Lit Chaos is putting the finishing touches and bubble wrap on issue #41. It's going to be a very special issue with artwork, videos, fiction, poetry, an audio interview, and an online chapbook.

A blog that litchaos.com suggests:
MOTIF XS (http://motifxs.blogspot.com/)

03 October 2008

Check out these publishing opportunities

Check the site for updated guidelines, opportunities, and new experimental work. We're assembling Issue #41 now with new videos, poetry, fiction, and more. 

Andy Riverbed chats with Ralph-Michael Chiaia in an Audio Interview

October 4th, 2008 -- Andy Riverbed and Ralph-Michael Chiaia got together for a phone interview. Chatting from Gainesville, Florida Andy Riverbed reveals some intimate details of his past including how he put together his new book Damaged, how he met Damaged artist William Joyner Jr., and how he found himself in boot camp in Puerto Rico. This interview will be in the next issue of litchaos.com.

26 September 2008

The Moon is Out

Issue #40 has great artwork by Bruce New and Peter Schwartz, a video by Ralph-Michael Chiaia, and poetry and fiction by Michael Estabrook, Linda Lerner, Korl Miere, Greggory Moore, Nikesh Murali
Linda Lerner

Ralph-Michael Chiaia

Greggory Moore

Nikesh Murali

Bruce New

06 September 2008

A reminder

This is just a reminder to sign up for our email alerts. We use Feed Burner, you can unsubscribe at any time. It will send you all updates on contests, new issues, tips, and more. Scroll down to find the box where you type in your email address. 

05 September 2008

Keeping in touch with you

We are working on issue #40 right now. We have some new ideas, an audio issue, podcasts for writing tips and promotion, and more great work -- including our first online chapbook. 

I really apologize for being so erratic with responses. The summer is crazy. We should be back on a regular schedule again and thank all of you for bearing with us. 

Still the site is better than ever, and it's just in its infancy. Join the wiki and get involved with making it the pre-eminent experimental writing and art website on the web. 

We will be hosting a new experimental fiction contest. Press Release

To check some new, experimental writing visit litchaos.com

27 August 2008

Taylor Gorman and Aimee Delong

Check out the Winners of the 2008 Cronopios' and Famas' Fiction and Poetry Awards at litchaos.com. Also, there are honorable mentions and links to see the winner's works in the First Print Issue of Literary Chaos Magazine, where beauty is truth and truth is a damn chaos.

22 August 2008

issue 39

Issue 39 is out!
Check out new work by the authors and artists on your right. There are links to litchaos.com first print issue, the book trailer of that print issue, the litchaos.com wiki, and much more. Come be a part of it. We are still publishing the best experimental work on the web and we're always looking for more.

16 August 2008

Amazon carries the First Print Issue of Lit Chaos

You can also buy the first print issue of litchaos.com at Amazon.

24 July 2008

Buy your copy of the first print issue ot litchaos.com

Lit Chaos First Print Issue
Poems, Art, and Fiction
101 Pages
$9.95 (shipping included!)
Coatlism Press
ISBN: 978-0-9802073-3-0

Book Description: a print collection of experimental work from the writers of litchaos.com

Table of Contents:

Alex Nodopaka, Jamie Eyberg, Carmen Firan, J.D. Nelson, Maurice Oliver, Cindy Rosmus, David McLean, Marty Esworthy, Craig Sernotti, George Anderson, Papa Osmubal, Doug Draime, JJ Deceglie, Daniel S. Irwin, Justin Hyde, Steve Ely, Julie Shapiro, Michael Fisher & Emme Hor and the Winners of the Cronopios’ and Famas’ Contests: Aimee Delong & Taylor Gorman

23 July 2008

Wanna get your read on? The First Issue of litchaos.com in print!

25% Discount Deal:
Google Express Checkout Deal: We offer a 25% discount if you buy all four Coatlism Press books with Google Checkout. You will receive four perfect-bound, handsome books by Coatlism Press. A retail value of $53.80 reduced $13.81 to $39.99. That's a 25% discount! CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE CHECKOUT

Also, visit the Coatlism Press Bookstore, where you have more payment options, including credit card, paypal account, check, and cash.

Lit Chaos Print Issue #1 is loaded with ass-kicking experimental writing, the winners of the Cronopios' and Famas' Poetry and Fiction awards, artwork, and much more. It's 101 pages, perfect bound, and has cool front and back covers done by Jeff Crouch.

If you have a minute, check out the trailer for the first print issue:

07 July 2008

Issue #38 -- Chaos stock is rising

There are nine new writers out at litchaos, a poetry train (a collaborative kind of super-poem book), and opportunities to publish a full-length chapbook and be a part of the experimental poetry and fiction community. So check it out:


where beauty is truth
and truth is chaos

And the First Print Issue of Lit Chaos is out for only $9.95. Pre-order your copy today!!

14 June 2008

A Translated Poem (courtesy of Alex Nodopaka)

I Don't Know If You're Alive Or Dead by Anna Akhmatova
I don't know if you're alive or dead.
Can you on earth be sought,
Or only when the sunsets fade
Be mourned serenely in my thought?

All is for you: the daily prayer,
The sleepless heat at night,
And of my verses, the white
Flock, and of my eyes, the blue fire.

No-one was more cherished, no-one tortured
Me more, not
Even the one who betrayed me to torture,
Not even the one who caressed me and forgot.

13 June 2008

Advertise with Lit Chaos in the First Print Issue

Before getting ready to go to printing with the first print issue of litchaos.com we are looking to see if anyone would like to take out an ad in the magazine. We are flexible to various ideas and pricings. You can advertise yourself, your writing, a book or books, another magazine, stop sweat in six week serums, absolutely anything that you'd like. If interested, please contact litk.os@gmail.com

06 June 2008

04 June 2008

Willie Lepers

To check some new experimental writing, art, and videos visit litchaos.com

A Translated Poem (courtesy of Alex Nodopaka

I Don't Know If You're Alive Or Dead by Anna Akhmatova
I don't know if you're alive or dead.
Can you on earth be sought,
Or only when the sunsets fade
Be mourned serenely in my thought?

All is for you: the daily prayer,
The sleepless heat at night,
And of my verses, the white
Flock, and of my eyes, the blue fire.

No-one was more cherished, no-one tortured
Me more, not
Even the one who betrayed me to torture,
Not even the one who caressed me and forgot.

To check some new, experimental writing visit litchaos.com

19 May 2008


Wiki Wiki Wiki
You have to check out the Literary Chaos Wiki - YES! Here you can do an online interview, promo your own works, and meet other writers. So, get to it and start to contribute.

$100 Prizes
Also, remember 1 June 2008 is the deadline for the Cronopios' and Famas' competition. Submit your flash fiction or poetry now.

11 May 2008

You can promote your book or anything else that you'd like

Julie Ann Shapiro gave us the idea to have a section where you can put your own blurb. We are putting it on YES, the litchaos.com wiki, so that you can add and edit it yourself. So click the link and get involved in your writing community.

Promote Yourself

06 May 2008

Downloadable Art from Jeff Crouch

दोव्न्लोअद सोम आर्ट
Click the nonsense Hindi that I wrote to download some art by Jeff Crouch. Right-click it if you would like to save it to your computer.

To check some new, experimental writing visit litchaos।com

01 May 2008

Circus Chaos by Cecilia Chapman and Jeff Crouch

more at litchaos.com

Beauty is Truth and Truth is Chaos!

Cronopios' and Famas' Prizes are a great opportunity. Lit Chaos is still a very small, intimate website. With your help, we've created an online writing community and this is a chance for you to win some cash. You are not competing against thousands of other people, only less than 50 per contest. So take your chances and enter now!

About the content of litchaos:

Click the Lit Chaos Ezine to be taken to Issue #36.

08 April 2008

Character Stands Out! Tips for writing characters

Tip for Writers #2 - Tertiary Characters

I'm not talking about how to write a great character. I'm talking about tertiary characters. In other words, when a husband and his girlfriend are arguing in a subway, there are a bunch of people who watch and stare. When the husband threatens her, a man stands up and defends her. This man serves a purpose. It makes us aware of the escalation of the husband's argument. That's all this character should do. We do not need to know the emotional history of this man. We are interested in the emotional history of the husband. And maybe the girlfriend. Anything else will take away from the story of the protagonist and act to distract us.

Also, regarding poetry, many writers write from the first person perspective. There are some great poems with and about characters, or from the perspective of characters. You might want to have your character who is drinking away his depressions after his wife left him bump into a man on the street. He then gets angry at the man, or maybe he starts to cry and explain his sorrows. This will show us how drunk he is. Or maybe your poem is about a spoon and a necessary tertiary character is the napkin the spoon is resting on.

Whether you're writing poetry or fiction keep looking toward character. It doesn't matter if you're writing experimental literature or sci-fi. People love characters.

Tip of the Week for Writers is a service brought to you by litchaos.com. To get an email update, please join our mailing list (see the right column). If you're interested in writing one tip, please query litk.os@gmail.com with your topic.

07 April 2008

Final Month for Print Issue Submissions!

Literary Chaos has emerged out of the primordial slop. There are so many great things happening. We have just put out Lyn Lifshin's new book 92 Rapple Drive. If you don't have a copy, stop by coatlism.litchaos.com or coatlism.blogspot.com and pick up a copy or buy it from the Coatlism Bookstore on your right.

Also, the Cronopios' Fiction and Famas' Poetry Contest deadlines are fast approaching, so enter for your chance. If you use google checkout you will get to enter both contests for only $5. More details can be found below and by following the links to the prizes page.

We have noticed that many people use readers like My Yahoo, IGoogle, My AOL, Orkut, etc..., and we'd like to offer an RSS feed of litchaos.com. Just click the ashtray below to add litchaos on and you will immediately be linked with up-to-date information regarding contests, news, interviews, and now even writing tips. More to come, so get your feed now!

We are still taking submissions for the first print issue. This will be closing after this issue, so you only have a few more weeks. We already have many high-quality submissions.

And last but most importantly, we have five new authors showcased this month. So click the monkey below and enjoy this issue of litchaos.com

As always, feel free to pitch us any ideas. We have really enjoyed dialoguing with some of you.

We are starting to make podcasts of writing tips and other useful information so check back soon. Also, add our feed via email or your reader (My Yahoo, My AOL, Igooogle, Orkut, etc)

30 March 2008

Attention Writers!

Writers from litchaos.com are all invited to send a 250-1000 word podcast. Send mp3 or ogg files, plus the text. You can explain anything that you think other writers would be interested to know to help all of us with the craft. There are so many of you out there with awesome skills. If you'd like to share one. Here's the place to do it. You will get full credit and will be helping build this great community that we have.

Send your podcasts (or even just text, we can get a reader) to litk.os@gmail.com! And see tip #1 below.

27 March 2008

Lit Chaos Tip of the Week - #1

Tip #1 for writers

Every week, litchaos.com will upload a new tip for writers. We will give you information valuable to bettering your writing career. They are free. This is the first one. This one is about the importance of promoting yourself online. If you haven't already, get yourself a blog and promote your own writing. Tell all your friends, family, and acquaintances. Many sites help you find people like you who have similar interests. Add a few photos and links to where people can find your work and you'll establish a regular audience and loyal following. You will be surprised at how many people visit you. Where do you make a blog site? Blog publishing sites to consider are blogger.com, wordpress.com, wetpaint.com, and myspace.com. Then after you make your blog there are a few goodies to add. If you want to track how many people visit your site you can do so at sitemeter.com or goingup.com. You can earn a little bit of money with services like google adsense. You can add talking icons at voki.com. Surf the web and find many new and exciting goodies, gadgets, and widgets for your new site. The most important thing is that you post to your blog regularly. One thing to keep in mind, all of the services listed here are free.

This will be brought to you in podcast form by litchaos.com soon.

20 March 2008

Yes, A new wiki from litchaos

Lit Chaos has opened up a wiki. This is a kind of online collaborative project or forum. You can add a post, start a new thread. Once you sign up, which takes about 30 seconds, you can contribute to the wiki. We want to support the online writing community and know what you think. The site is called Yes.

16 March 2008

Collaborative Work

This issue needs a bit of explanation. There are six new writers. That’s pretty standard litchaos.com, but this time there’s a collaborative work with nine pieces. Click #7 the collaborative project to get a short intro. Then you’ll be forwarded to a page with nine image tiles (thumbnail seen on your right) . Each one links to something. Choose an image and enjoy.

This project contains work by Andy Riverbed, Ralph-Michael Chiaia, Bae Soojin, Emme Hor, Moctezuma Johnson, Jeff Crouch, Aimee Delong, Binnorie, and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal.

If you have an troubles viewing any page, please direct an email to litk.os@gmail.com


We would like to continue to build an online writing community and there is still a lot to do. Many of you, writers and artists, have busy lives that are quite interesting. We want to chat with you (using Google or skype or any other free service) and offer pages that feature our regular contributors. If you're interested in doing a chat interview ( a chatterview) please contact Ralph or Ra at litk.os@gmail.com and give a schedule of when you're available. It should only take 15-20 minutes and should be a lot of fun.

23 February 2008

Buy discounted books now!

22 February 2008


There is a load or a batch or a shot of new writers out. There's some fiction mixed in with the poetry and a virtual gallery "Spudadelic - The Temple of the Potato" by Jeff Crouch.

Next issue will have the collaborative work release. It's a mix of art, poetry, photography, and fiction. If you want to be a part, hurry up! Email the editors. There are few spaces to be filled.

The deadline for the Famas Prize is June 1st.
The deadline for the Cronopios' Prize is June 1st.

Go get your read on.

--Moctezuma Johnson

04 February 2008

Re-ordering Chaos

Issue 32 is out! It's been long awaited. There are many things to announce. First, there are a slew of great writers with creative, meta-textural ideas. Also, this month's visual art is from an artist new to litchaos.com: Claudio Parentela.

The contests in fiction and poetry are still open ($100 in prizes) so take advantage of these opportunities.

Also, we will be taking submissions for Literary Chaos' 1st Print Edition, so send your artwork, fiction, poetry or anything else you may think we would like.

All this and more at litchaos.com.

01 January 2008

Front and Center

Issue 31 is a killer issue with a good balance of poetry, movies, and fiction. Also, keep in mind that litchaos.com is holding fiction and poetry awards contests ($100 in prizes).

Don't forget about the archives. There are many great pieces from previous issue. You can visit past issues or type in an author's name, topic, theme, word and let the search find something. (Example: "love feet" typed into the search box)

Support litchaos.com creator Ralph-Michael Chiaia by buying his 47-page chapbook of poetry.

All the best,
Moctezuma Johnson

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