24 July 2008

Buy your copy of the first print issue ot litchaos.com

Lit Chaos First Print Issue
Poems, Art, and Fiction
101 Pages
$9.95 (shipping included!)
Coatlism Press
ISBN: 978-0-9802073-3-0

Book Description: a print collection of experimental work from the writers of litchaos.com

Table of Contents:

Alex Nodopaka, Jamie Eyberg, Carmen Firan, J.D. Nelson, Maurice Oliver, Cindy Rosmus, David McLean, Marty Esworthy, Craig Sernotti, George Anderson, Papa Osmubal, Doug Draime, JJ Deceglie, Daniel S. Irwin, Justin Hyde, Steve Ely, Julie Shapiro, Michael Fisher & Emme Hor and the Winners of the Cronopios’ and Famas’ Contests: Aimee Delong & Taylor Gorman

23 July 2008

Wanna get your read on? The First Issue of litchaos.com in print!

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Lit Chaos Print Issue #1 is loaded with ass-kicking experimental writing, the winners of the Cronopios' and Famas' Poetry and Fiction awards, artwork, and much more. It's 101 pages, perfect bound, and has cool front and back covers done by Jeff Crouch.

If you have a minute, check out the trailer for the first print issue:

07 July 2008

Issue #38 -- Chaos stock is rising

There are nine new writers out at litchaos, a poetry train (a collaborative kind of super-poem book), and opportunities to publish a full-length chapbook and be a part of the experimental poetry and fiction community. So check it out:


where beauty is truth
and truth is chaos

And the First Print Issue of Lit Chaos is out for only $9.95. Pre-order your copy today!!

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