25 September 2014

Going from Blogger to WordPress but holding on for my Sacred Calendar Daysign Reading Blog

There really isn't a lot left to this blog but I don't want it to get hacked so I feel like I should write a few things every so often. If anybody has any idea for this blog, please tell me. I'd love for it to be useful. It once was active. I'm going to post a link below to my site to the sacred calendar blog I've finally completed. I want to move it to wordpress so it looks nice. I like the content but do not like the look of the site now. Wordpress sites look so much neater, don't you think?

Link to the Sacred Calendar Blog featuring readings of Cholq'ij Daysigns (Mayan Wisdom) 

The domain name litchaos.com is still belonging to litchaos. Anybody want to buy it?

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