23 February 2008

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22 February 2008


There is a load or a batch or a shot of new writers out. There's some fiction mixed in with the poetry and a virtual gallery "Spudadelic - The Temple of the Potato" by Jeff Crouch.

Next issue will have the collaborative work release. It's a mix of art, poetry, photography, and fiction. If you want to be a part, hurry up! Email the editors. There are few spaces to be filled.

The deadline for the Famas Prize is June 1st.
The deadline for the Cronopios' Prize is June 1st.

Go get your read on.

--Moctezuma Johnson

04 February 2008

Re-ordering Chaos

Issue 32 is out! It's been long awaited. There are many things to announce. First, there are a slew of great writers with creative, meta-textural ideas. Also, this month's visual art is from an artist new to litchaos.com: Claudio Parentela.

The contests in fiction and poetry are still open ($100 in prizes) so take advantage of these opportunities.

Also, we will be taking submissions for Literary Chaos' 1st Print Edition, so send your artwork, fiction, poetry or anything else you may think we would like.

All this and more at litchaos.com.

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