28 November 2007


You Whores - brilliant site of what people are willing to do for a little cash.

16 November 2007

Issue #29!

New Issue of Lit Chaos

new work
new layout
new videos
new chaos


And introducing Coatlism Press
publishers of chapbooks and other
short works of art.

05 November 2007

Who is putting this chaos out?

The staff of Lit Chaos:

Ralph-Michael Chiaia
Ra Gabriel
Moctezuma Johnson
Gabriel Roosevelt
and introducing
Jeff Crouch

Blowing up spots all over the world

Literary Chaos Magazine has just released issue 27. The new layout is shaping up to be well received. We are still looking for a lot more artwork and blasting work. There is a foundation of crap out there in the world that needs to be blown to shreds. That's what Lit K-os does, it restores the order through works of experimentation and chaos.

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