30 March 2008

Attention Writers!

Writers from litchaos.com are all invited to send a 250-1000 word podcast. Send mp3 or ogg files, plus the text. You can explain anything that you think other writers would be interested to know to help all of us with the craft. There are so many of you out there with awesome skills. If you'd like to share one. Here's the place to do it. You will get full credit and will be helping build this great community that we have.

Send your podcasts (or even just text, we can get a reader) to litk.os@gmail.com! And see tip #1 below.

27 March 2008

Lit Chaos Tip of the Week - #1

Tip #1 for writers

Every week, litchaos.com will upload a new tip for writers. We will give you information valuable to bettering your writing career. They are free. This is the first one. This one is about the importance of promoting yourself online. If you haven't already, get yourself a blog and promote your own writing. Tell all your friends, family, and acquaintances. Many sites help you find people like you who have similar interests. Add a few photos and links to where people can find your work and you'll establish a regular audience and loyal following. You will be surprised at how many people visit you. Where do you make a blog site? Blog publishing sites to consider are blogger.com, wordpress.com, wetpaint.com, and myspace.com. Then after you make your blog there are a few goodies to add. If you want to track how many people visit your site you can do so at sitemeter.com or goingup.com. You can earn a little bit of money with services like google adsense. You can add talking icons at voki.com. Surf the web and find many new and exciting goodies, gadgets, and widgets for your new site. The most important thing is that you post to your blog regularly. One thing to keep in mind, all of the services listed here are free.

This will be brought to you in podcast form by litchaos.com soon.

20 March 2008

Yes, A new wiki from litchaos

Lit Chaos has opened up a wiki. This is a kind of online collaborative project or forum. You can add a post, start a new thread. Once you sign up, which takes about 30 seconds, you can contribute to the wiki. We want to support the online writing community and know what you think. The site is called Yes.

16 March 2008

Collaborative Work

This issue needs a bit of explanation. There are six new writers. That’s pretty standard litchaos.com, but this time there’s a collaborative work with nine pieces. Click #7 the collaborative project to get a short intro. Then you’ll be forwarded to a page with nine image tiles (thumbnail seen on your right) . Each one links to something. Choose an image and enjoy.

This project contains work by Andy Riverbed, Ralph-Michael Chiaia, Bae Soojin, Emme Hor, Moctezuma Johnson, Jeff Crouch, Aimee Delong, Binnorie, and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal.

If you have an troubles viewing any page, please direct an email to litk.os@gmail.com


We would like to continue to build an online writing community and there is still a lot to do. Many of you, writers and artists, have busy lives that are quite interesting. We want to chat with you (using Google or skype or any other free service) and offer pages that feature our regular contributors. If you're interested in doing a chat interview ( a chatterview) please contact Ralph or Ra at litk.os@gmail.com and give a schedule of when you're available. It should only take 15-20 minutes and should be a lot of fun.

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