05 September 2008

Keeping in touch with you

We are working on issue #40 right now. We have some new ideas, an audio issue, podcasts for writing tips and promotion, and more great work -- including our first online chapbook. 

I really apologize for being so erratic with responses. The summer is crazy. We should be back on a regular schedule again and thank all of you for bearing with us. 

Still the site is better than ever, and it's just in its infancy. Join the wiki and get involved with making it the pre-eminent experimental writing and art website on the web. 

We will be hosting a new experimental fiction contest. Press Release

To check some new, experimental writing visit litchaos.com


online writing jobs said...

First off I want to say that Im really upset that this blog was posted on my birthday and I didnt get to see it on my birthday! :)
I most definitely agree with a lot of people in here, throwing differnet views, different discussions. THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR!

online writing jobs said...

I’m really glad that you have so much work to do. I’m sure you have very good results for all of your working. I can’t wait till you’ll be back on a regular schedule again. I love your site very much, and I check this site every week, no matter what. I totally agree that the wiki is the pre-eminent experimental writing and art website on the web. And I’m already joined it. Thank you for everything you do in this site. Miss you!

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