14 November 2008

Ra Gabriel for President

Ra Gabriel for President! Well he didn't quite make it, but he did interview Andy Riverbed. See next post for links and more info. On the right you'll see one of the drawings from Damaged -- Riverbed's new book, now available for pre-order from the Coatlism Bookstore (http://coatlism.litchaos.com/)

Michael Frissore wrote a great review about Bill Maher.

Also, another great piece by Aimee DeLong from Yellow Mama.

Norman Ball suggested a poster with every contributor's name on it for next issue. Anybody want to make a cool poster for it? If so, send us an email at submit.k.os (at) gmail.com and make your best pitch.

Also, don't forget about the Audio and Print Issue Submissions to the same address as above. We've received some very interesting stuff so far. Keep it coming.

1 comment:

Ted E.F. Roberts said...

I read Mr. Frissore's article about Maher. I am frustrated and confused...why would anyone bother to give Maher and is idiot gang and ink at all?! I wish Mr. Frissore had ended his piece by giving that horse's ass a succinct piece of advice...something like "Get lost, Bill."

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